Large Objects That You May Want To Take To Your Test Drive

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Large Objects That You May Want To Take To Your Test Drive

6 April 2017
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Test driving a new car at a car dealership isn't just an opportunity to see how it performs — it should also provide a chance to see how the vehicle suits your lifestyle. Before you move forward with buying a car after a successful test drive, it's a good idea to schedule a second test drive that you can attend with a series of large objects that you often transport in your day-to-day life. This follow-up test drive will give you a chance to evaluate whether the vehicle you're leaning toward is suitable for these large items or whether you should continue your search for a roomier ride. Here are some items to take to this second test drive.

Car Seats

If you have children, taking your family's car seats to the second test drive is a decision that you won't regret. You'll have an opportunity to see not only how well the car seats fit in the vehicle but also the ease with which you can set them up. The latter is especially advantageous if you and your spouse are constantly switching car seats from one vehicle to another, as you'll want to strongly consider a vehicle for which this task is easy. If you don't have children but expect to add to your family in a short amount of time, borrowing car seats from a family member or friend for this purpose is a good idea.

Sporting Equipment

If you're an avid sports enthusiast, it's valuable to take your largest sporting equipment to the test drive to see how things fit into the vehicle you're considering. For example, you might wish to put a golf bag in the back seat or trunk to note how it fits. Or, you may wish to fold the back seats down and slide skis and ski poles into the vehicle. Other things such as a hockey bag or a pair of children's football gear are also worth testing out to ensure that the car can suit you and your family's needs.

Other Assorted Items

Think about when you need to load up your vehicle with one or more large items, and then consider taking some of them to your test drive. For example, if you work as a massage therapist and travel from house to house, you'll want to see how well your folded massage table can slip behind the front seats. Similarly, if you fly large model airplanes, checking the available trunk space for your model is a must.