The Benefits Of Shopping At A Large Car Dealership Vs. A Small Dealership

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The Benefits Of Shopping At A Large Car Dealership Vs. A Small Dealership

6 April 2017
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Shopping at a large car dealership for a new car can be a little overwhelming, especially if the dealership has more than one location where you can look at cars. The task does not have to be quite as daunting as it seems. Here are some benefits to shopping at the large dealerships versus shopping at the smaller ones.

Greater Selection, More Variety

Shopping at a large dealership is like shopping at a huge candy store. There is more variety and a greater selection of things to choose from. There are even makes and models of cars in colors you want and drive transmissions you prefer. If you would rather have the make and model of car you want in a less common color and a diesel engine upgrade rather than standard gasoline, you are more likely to find that specific vehicle on a lot of a large dealership rather than on the lot of a smaller dealership.

More Ways to Finance Your Vehicle

Most large dealerships have financial connections and programs to help you get into a car and drive off the lot on the same day. Smaller dealerships rely heavily on you securing a car loan first and then buying your vehicle from them. If you have trouble with your credit history, a large dealership is more likely to have a program to help you get a car loan, too.

Special Orders

If the large dealership does not have the exact car you want, they can search their own lots and then search other major car lots for your preferred vehicle. Then they can buy that vehicle from the other dealer for you, sell it to you and repay the dealership from which they bought your car. It saves you a ton of time and gas in your search for just the right vehicle. If the vehicle you want still cannot be found, then a large dealership can place your special order with the manufacturer and deliver your car within a couple of months or less.

Competitive Pricing

If you found the car you want on a small car lot and on the big dealership's lot, you can haggle your way down to a price that is very competitive. Small dealerships typically do not and cannot drop below MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) because they cannot afford to lose a single dime, but large dealerships can cut lower deals because they already make plenty of money. Their competitive pricing and bid wars get you the car you want at the price you want to pay.

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