Big Guys Guide To Buying A Comfortable Motorcycle

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Big Guys Guide To Buying A Comfortable Motorcycle

11 April 2017
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If you are a big guy, someone who is either really tall or really heavy, then you know how tricky it can be to find a nice motorcycle. Many of the sporty little bikes are just to small for guys who are six foot plus or well over two hundred pounds. These books look super cool, but you won't be comfortable with your knees scrunched up and your back hunched over. Lucky for you there are other types of motorcycles (cruisers and dual-sports, in particular) as well as some interesting accessories and alterations to the bike.

Style of Bike: Cruisers Are The Best

The two types of motorcycles that you should be looking at are cruisers and dual-sorts( which some people might call on-off road). The cruisers are great for tall and heavy guys, and the dual sports are great for really tall guys. The dual sports are favored by really tall guys because they are the tallest types of bikes (to give you that clearance necessary for riding off road). The problem with dual sports is that they are designed to be on-off road bikes, and as such are not perfect for long rides on the highway or normal cruising. Also, they are as big as cruisers, so they are not idea for really heavy guys.

Cruisers on the other hand, such as the classic Harley Davidson Softails, are big and roomy bikes. They have the size to accommodate a very heavy person. Furthermore, the design of the cruiser is much more accommodating to guys with long legs. Instead of riding hunched over, as you would with a traditional sport bike, you sit back and your legs are positioned out in front of you.

Really Tall Guys Should Get Forward Controls

If you're a really tall guy, like six foot four and above, then you might want to get forward controls for your cruiser. These are aftermarket alterations that move the brake, foot pegs, and shifting peg forward on the bike. This helps out guys who are really tall and don't want their legs squished up and their knees too high. By moving the foot controls forward on the bike, you can stretch out your legs more.

When you are getting ready to buy your cruiser, don't forget to ask the dealer about forward controls. While they are not part of a stock motorcycle, many dealerships will install them for you. This way you don't have to bring your bike to a separate mechanic and have them mess with the drive train.

Add A Backrest

Big guys who carry a passenger while driving two-up need to get a backrest. If your girlfriend or wife is sitting behind you, and you take up a lot of space on the bike, then you need to do something to help her feel comfortable. You don't want her to fear falling off the back of the bike. The best solution to this is to have a backseat installed. Some of the big touring bikes come with these, but you can also have these installed aftermarket on any cruiser you choose. These big backrests are like large seats, so they will make her feel safe.