The Five Best Times To Buy A Car

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The Five Best Times To Buy A Car

26 October 2017
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If you are looking to purchase a car, especially a brand new car, you are going to want to do so during some of the best times when prices are low and when it's just a bit easier to negotiate. Here are the five best times to look:

  1. Late in the Month: The last week of the month is probably one of the best times to look at buying a vehicle since the staff wants to meet their monthly sales goal. This makes a bit easier to negotiate since they want to get you in that car today and are more willing to jump the numbers around. 
  2. Labor Day: Labor Day is probably the absolute best time to look if you are able to wait until then. The reason being that the new model cars for the next year are coming out, so the dealership wants to move out last year's models to make room for the new ones. You are more likely to get a great deal, plus many dealerships have huge discounts for their customers at this time, as well. 
  3. Black Friday: Another specific date to look for a new car is Black Friday. There are also many discounts found at this time that dealerships are offering. Plus, it's one of the last opportunities to move the older vehicles off the lot to make room for next-year's models. 
  4. The End of the Year: If you aren't able to shop on Black Friday, you still have another opportunity to buy a car at a heavy discounted price before the new models come in by shopping anytime in December, specifically in the last week. The only downside is that there might not be as many cars, specifically the car you were dead set on, which means you are only looking at the leftover vehicles. However, since these cars were not as popular during Labor Day and Black Friday, you are looking at a heavier discount than you would've received then most likely. 
  5. The Beginning of the Week: Instead of waiting for the weekend to car shop, it's much better to shop in the beginning of the week, such as a Monday or Tuesday. Since the dealership isn't as busy at this time, they have more time to focus on you alone. Plus, you might be the only sale of that day, which is extremely powerful when it comes to negotiations. 

When you shop at these times of the year, you are sure to get the best deal possible. This makes car buying that much more exciting and doable for you. Visit a site like for more help.