Benefits Of Choosing An Oil Change Service At Your Local Dealer

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Benefits Of Choosing An Oil Change Service At Your Local Dealer

3 May 2019
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Automotive dealerships offer a great many services beyond just car sales. And, these services include repairs and simple maintenance tasks like oil changes. While it may seem like an expensive prospect to have your oil changed at a dealership, this may actually be a good idea. There are a few reasons why this is the case, so keep reading to find out. 

They Know Your Car

Some vehicles are more advanced than others and may have specialty lubrication systems. While a typical vehicle will have a single oil drain plug and a single sump or pan, some cars will have two of these things. If a quick oil change business does not know about the duel sump system, then one of the pans may be drained while the other is left alone. This will lead to an oil overfilling issue where oil is added to a system that still contains half of its old and dirty oil.

An auto dealership is far less likely to make this type of mistake since they will know your car better than a general oil change establishment. 

In addition to understanding the workings of your vehicle, the dealership will also have your car's specific type of oil and filter on hand. This may be important if you have a BMW or other luxury vehicle that requires the use of a high-end synthetic oil blend. In fact, the vast majority of auto repair shops will not have specialty oils, meaning that you will need to seek out an oil change from your dealership anyhow.

Oil Changes May Be Free

Many auto dealerships will offer free and discounted services for a period of time after you purchase your car. This is true whether you buy a new or a used vehicle. For example, you may be provided with a year to 5 years of free oil changes. So, you want to take advantage of this.

In addition to the oil change, you will give the dealership the opportunity to inspect your vehicle for signs of fluid leaks or other obvious issues. And, if your car is under warranty, these problems can be fixed right away. 

The good news is that even if you do not have a discounted deal with your dealership, the oil change probably will not cost you too much more than the one at the local oil change business. Since oil changes are quick and easy, dealerships often have competitive pricing for the service. 

Contact your local auto dealership to learn more about the services they offer.