What To Look For When Buying Your Used SUV

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What To Look For When Buying Your Used SUV

11 November 2020
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A used SUV dealer can provide you with an excellent inventory of their late-model SUVs and older models, which can save you money. Investing in an SUV is about more than just buying a bigger vehicle for you and your family. It's about making a vehicle investment that will last and be worth your while. When buying a used SUV, there are many things to think of. Here are just a few of the things to consider when buying a used SUV.

Gas mileage

An older SUV can still get great gas mileage and is even comparable to some of the more environmentally-friendly SUVs on the market today. However, you have to shop smart to find the SUVs that will give you the benefits gas-wise you're looking for. Smaller engines don't mean better gas mileage, so pay attention when shopping at your used SUV dealer not for a more compact engine, but a more proven eco-friendly vehicle with an engine designed for both power and less energy use.

Seat maneuverability

The second and third row of seats in any used SUV you consider should be able to be easily moved. In some older SUVs, the seats may fold into themselves but not fold flat. Some older models may even have seats that can be removed. If you want a lot of potential trunk space and more maneuverability in your SUV, then ask your used car dealer to show you models that have seats you can control.

Safety ratings

If you plan on using your SUV for traveling, then you need a vehicle that is going to be able to safely get you where you want to be. A used SUV dealer can show you their available models that have parking assist options, passing assistance, backup cameras, side and other air bag features, and more. Since an SUV is roomier and often larger than your typical sedan, having more help in driving the car and seeking a vehicle with high safety ratings is key. Many used models have high safety ratings that can even be comparable to the newer models on the road today.

You have more than just price to look at when it comes to buying a used SUV. Some SUVs have features that are not exclusive to just the newer models and can bring you many benefits. Ask a used SUV dealer to show you available SUVs for sale to help you decide which used model will be best for you. Contact a used SUV dealer for more information.