6 Signs Your Suspension Needs To Be Repaired

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6 Signs Your Suspension Needs To Be Repaired

15 January 2021
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If you want to enjoy smooth driving, you need to make sure you have a healthy suspension system. It is essential to know the signs that your suspension needs repair.

Unevenly Worn Tires

Your tires should wear down evenly. When your suspension is not set-up right, uneven wear on your tires is common. If you notice a strange wear pattern on your tires, you should get your suspension inspected right away.

Vehicle Sitting Low on One Side

When you look at your vehicle, and your vehicle is sitting on a flat surface, it should look even. If you notice that your vehicle is sitting low on one side and higher on the other, that is usually a sign that you have a damaged spring within your suspension system. When you drive over bumps, you may also hear a clunking sound when you have a bad spring.

Leaking Oil

Oil doesn't just leak out of your engine. Oil can also leak out of your suspension system. If you notice oil around your suspension system or tires, that is because oil is leaking out of your shocks. If you have oil leaking out of your shocks, you need to get your shocks replaced, as they have broken down to the point where they are compromised.

Drifting in Corners

When you drive and you are going around corners, your vehicle should adequately grip the road and go where you point it. If you notice that your vehicle feels like it is swaying every time you go around a corner, especially a sharp one, that generally means your suspension is not working as it should.

Lurching When Braking

When you put on your brakes, your vehicle should smoothly slow down. If you feel like your vehicle is lurching forward and kind of nose-diving, when you put on your brakes, that is generally a result of your suspension wearing down.

Failed Bounce Test

You can also test your suspension on your own with a simple little test. When your vehicle is parking on a flat and secure surface, press down on the front end with all your force and rock it a few times, then release the pressure. Your vehicle should rock a few times and then stop. Do the same thing from the back of your car. Once again, your vehicle should rock a few times. If your vehicle rocks more than two or three times after applying pressure to it, your suspension is more than likely worn down. 

If you notice any of the six above signs of suspension failure, you are going to want to take your vehicle to your local automotive shop to get the suspension inspected and repaired. Talk to a professional for automotive repairs like these.