3 Great Reasons Honda Owners Should Visit A Dealership

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3 Great Reasons Honda Owners Should Visit A Dealership

13 January 2022
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Once you have purchased your new or used Honda vehicle and you have driven it off the lot, it might seem like there are few reasons to return to a dealership. Contrary to popular belief, however, dealerships offer a number of services besides just selling the cars and trucks on the lot. If you are curious about why a visit to your local Honda dealership is worth it -- even if you currently own a vehicle -- then take a look below at just a few of the best reasons.

Warranty Service

If your vehicle is still under warranty, then there is no reason to visit any place other than your local Honda dealership. Whether it is something minor such as a fluid top-up or tire pressure adjustment, or something more urgent such as an issue with the battery or transmission, Honda technicians are trained to service your vehicle quickly, easily, and in a professional manner. Plus, at dealerships that offer Express Service, you do not need to worry about making an appointment. Simply drive in, discuss the issue at hand with a technician, and wait for your vehicle to be serviced.

Authentic Parts

If you're not an auto mechanic yourself, then there is no quick and reliable way of knowing whether or not your mechanic is using genuine parts: that is, parts that are produced specifically for use in Honda vehicles. This is yet another advantage of visiting a Honda dealership, even if your vehicle is no longer under warranty. Rather than risk paying for the cheapest possible part that a neighborhood mechanic has on hand, you can rest easy knowing that Honda technicians only work with certified Honda parts.

Thorough Inspection

Any time you visit a Honda dealership to have your vehicle serviced, you can also request a multi-point inspection. While this may sound unnecessary if your vehicle isn't currently experiencing any major problems, it can actually work to effectively prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. As part of a multi-point inspection, Honda technicians will perform an inspection of your vehicle that includes an overview of everything from the lights and wheels to the belts, hoses, and filters. The technicians will then notify you if there are any concerns and let you know how and when you should prepare to address them. When it comes to servicing your Honda, these kinds of thorough inspections are a great reason to visit a dealership.