Four Great Features to Look For in Your 2022 Vehicle

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Four Great Features to Look For in Your 2022 Vehicle

13 January 2022
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If you are in the market to purchase a new vehicle for 2022, you will want to ensure that your vehicle has the latest cutting-edge features that will allow you to enjoy your vehicle fully.  

Great Feature #1: Anti-Collision System 

It is important to avoid getting into accidents. One way to do that is by purchasing a vehicle that has a comprehensive anti-collision system. An anti-collision system is made up of various components.  

First, it needs to have an automatic emergency braking system, where the brakes will automatically engage if the sensors detect that a front-end collision is imminent. Second, the system needs to release visual and auditory signals that let you know if you are too close to the vehicle in front of you. Third, an anti-collision system will let you know if someone is in your blind spot so that you avoid side-swiping someone.  

Great Feature #2: Cell Phone Remote Start 

Next, look for a vehicle that offers a cellphone remote start option. With a cell phone remote start option, all you need is your phone to start your vehicle. With this type of remote start system, you can do more than start your car. This type of system generally allows you to regulate things such as the vehicle's temperature as well, ensuring that things feel comfortable when you get inside of your vehicle. With a mobile app, you can often start your car from greater distances than you can with a button-based system.  

Great Feature #3: Wireless Phone Chargers 

Phones and tablets have become even more integral to modern-day life, which is why you are going to want a vehicle with wireless phone charging. Wireless phone charging makes it easy to charge your phone and doesn't require you to have a bunch of cords cluttering up the front of your vehicle. With wireless charging, you can easily keep your phone charged.  

Great Feature #4: Parking Assist 

Parking should be an easy task to accomplish. It shouldn't be hard to park, and with parking assist, it will not be hard for you to park. Parking assist systems use sensors to provide information that makes it easier for you to park. They will help build your vehicle into the parking spot, ensuring you don't hit anything with your vehicle.  

When you are shopping for a new vehicle, look for one that has features that make it easier to be safe on the road, such as an anti-collision system and parking assist. Look for features that make using your vehicle easier, such as cell phone remote start and wireless phone charging systems. Visit your local Nissan dealer for more information.