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I grew up around cars, cutting my teeth in the auto shop. That early childhood love for cars transitioned into a passion for all things automotive. I decided to go to work with an auto dealership so that I could help others appreciate cars the way that I did. That's when I decided it was time to start sharing everything I know with the rest of the world. I created this site to serve as a means of teaching others about auto repair, sales, customization, and more. I hope that the information here helps you discover the potential that your car has.


Interested In Buying An Older Car? 3 Tips To Find A Perfect Match

8 July 2019
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Purchasing an older car can always come with some risks due to you not knowing where the car was before owning it. You're also trusting that the previous owners took good care of the car over the years. When you may not be able to avoid all the risks associated with buying an older car, there are several things that you can do to make sure that you're matched with a car that is going to be a good fit for you. Read More …

Benefits Of Choosing An Oil Change Service At Your Local Dealer

3 May 2019
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Automotive dealerships offer a great many services beyond just car sales. And, these services include repairs and simple maintenance tasks like oil changes. While it may seem like an expensive prospect to have your oil changed at a dealership, this may actually be a good idea. There are a few reasons why this is the case, so keep reading to find out.  They Know Your Car Some vehicles are more advanced than others and may have specialty lubrication systems. Read More …

Tips To Help You Find Your New Used Honda

19 February 2019
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Some people absolutely love the thrill of finding the perfect car after spending hours, days or weeks searching. Others, well, they'd rather just look at a few and be done with the chore. Here, you'll find a few things to look for as you search through the available new Hondas in your area. What's Your Budget? How much do you have to spend on a car? Before you even begin looking at any cars, you need to understand how much you can actually afford to pay. Read More …

Cash For Clunkers: Passe, Or Here To Stay?

5 December 2018
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Previous presidents issued a national mandate in the past to help boost the economy in unusual ways. One of those ways was a government-driven "cash for clunkers" program, which gave extra business funds to car dealerships for buying up junk cars. The junk cars had to be really old, producing a ton of air pollution and causing a lot of environmental problems just existing. The program was very successful, and many people brought their old vehicles in to be sold for scrap. Read More …

Tips For Purchasing A Used Car

21 September 2018
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Buying a used car instead of a brand new one can be a very wise decision. It is possible to purchase a vehicle with low miles that is only a few years old for a price that is much lower than its brand new counterpart. But, if you're going to invest money in purchasing a used vehicle from a used auto dealership, it is important to be prepared if you want to get the best deal. Read More …