Understanding The Car You Drive: From Purchase To Personalization

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Understanding The Car You Drive: From Purchase To Personalization

I grew up around cars, cutting my teeth in the auto shop. That early childhood love for cars transitioned into a passion for all things automotive. I decided to go to work with an auto dealership so that I could help others appreciate cars the way that I did. That's when I decided it was time to start sharing everything I know with the rest of the world. I created this site to serve as a means of teaching others about auto repair, sales, customization, and more. I hope that the information here helps you discover the potential that your car has.


3 Affordable Watercraft Options

26 August 2021
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Are you looking to purchase your first watercraft? Buying a boat can be an expensive decision, particularly if you haven't owned one before. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to get your feet wet without soaking your wallet. These three affordable choices can be an excellent way to decide if investing in a more expensive boat is right for you. 1. Inflatables When you think of inflatable watercraft, do you picture something that looks like a pool toy and handles about the same? Read More …

Want A Camper Van? Why Custom Is The Way To Go

26 May 2021
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Owning a camper van provides you with a lot of perks when you're out on the road. Once you have a camper van in your possession, you can invite the whole clan to pack an overnight bag and load up to hit the highway without having to worry about spending tons of money on lodging. It's a great investment, and one you want to make the most of. If you've been looking at used camper vans but haven't really been too impressed, here are a few reasons why you should pay a visit to a camper van builder. Read More …

Tips On Buying A New Car For Sale

17 March 2021
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When you're shopping for a fresh new automobile, choosing the right type is everything. It becomes much easier to choose the right vehicle after you've done some research. From there, you can walk onto a dealership lot with a better understanding of what you're seeing, and more information to help you drive off the lot having made the best decision for your life. In this article, you will learn more about what to look for when buying a new car. Read More …

6 Signs Your Suspension Needs To Be Repaired

15 January 2021
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If you want to enjoy smooth driving, you need to make sure you have a healthy suspension system. It is essential to know the signs that your suspension needs repair. Unevenly Worn Tires Your tires should wear down evenly. When your suspension is not set-up right, uneven wear on your tires is common. If you notice a strange wear pattern on your tires, you should get your suspension inspected right away. Read More …

What To Look For When Buying Your Used SUV

11 November 2020
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A used SUV dealer can provide you with an excellent inventory of their late-model SUVs and older models, which can save you money. Investing in an SUV is about more than just buying a bigger vehicle for you and your family. It's about making a vehicle investment that will last and be worth your while. When buying a used SUV, there are many things to think of. Here are just a few of the things to consider when buying a used SUV. Read More …